Insurance Provider Defense

Ekblom & Partners, LLP defends businesses and professionals in the healthcare and medical fields who are facing allegations of malpractice, employment-related claims, premises liability, and other tort and contract law matters. These claims against insurance providers are usually defended under an insurance policy.

Regardless of the nature of the claim, the attorneys at Ekblom & Partners offer insightful legal counsel and zealous legal defense. While it is sometimes in our clients’ best interest to settle a claim out of court, we prepare every case as if it is going to trial. Our lawyers have extensive experience investigating insurance claims and use discovery and pre-trial motion practice to place our clients in the best position for dispositive motions or trial.

Aggressive Defense Under a Policy of Insurance

In most cases, a healthcare provider or medical professional has a professional liability or general liability insurance policy that provides insurance coverage against legal claims. As part of your coverage, your insurance company will pay your attorney to defend you against claims of professional negligence, at administrative hearings for allegations of professional discipline, and against other claims that are covered under your insurance policy.

Led by head partner Neil H. Ekblom, our lawyers have extensive experience investigating and defending insurance claims and know not to take a claimant’s claim at face value. Many plaintiffs’ attorneys over-inflate and over-value their clients’ claims. We thoroughly investigate the claimant’s allegations and provide an aggressive defense under a medical or healthcare providers’ insurance policy.

Identifying Insurance Coverage and Which Policy Applies

Because insurance coverage is so pervasive, especially in the healthcare and medical field, there are often complex issues of insurance coverage that must be addressed. For example, a provider may have different insurance policies that cover different types of claims. One policy may cover a provider against claims of professional negligence, while another will cover a medical facility against a workers’ compensation claim. And still another will cover a facility when someone who is not an employee is injured on the premises, such as in a slip and fall incident.

The first question to answer is whether the type of claim being made is covered under the insurance contract. If the claim is covered, Ekblom & Partners will provide legal advice and representation under the insurance policy and will seek to resolve the claim on the most favorable terms. For many of our clients, the only acceptable resolution is complete vindication at trial.

Aggressive Representation for Successful Results

Successful resolution of a claim against a healthcare or medical provider requires foresight, expertise, creativity, and aggressive legal representation. To achieve successful results, Ekblom & Partners values continuity, oversight, and communication. This means having the same attorney working with a client, as well as consistent and effective communication inside the firm.

At Ekblom & Partners, we represent medical centers, ambulatory surgery centers, physician groups, and surgeons. Our firm has a particular emphasis on surgical specialties involving neurosurgery, heart surgery, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, plastics, and head and neck surgery. We have experience representing clients in the healthcare industry and our lawyers are dedicated to protecting the best interests of our clients.

While each case is unique, our approach remains the same: to identify the underlying problem facing our client and work hard to solve it.

Ekblom & Partners: Aggressive Legal Defense for Medical and Healthcare Providers

Healthcare and medical providers are frequent targets of lawsuits, and they deserve a vigorous defense by an aggressive and experienced legal team.

At Ekblom & Partners, our lawyers advise and represent medical and healthcare providers in claims that are covered under an insurance policy.

Contact us today to determine whether your situation matches our expertise.