Healthcare Employment Matters

Healthcare providers, medical facilities, and physician groups face unique challenges in the employment arena. Contracts must be clear, unambiguous, and enforceable, and must comply with complex state and federal laws and regulations that govern the healthcare industry. If there is a dispute, nothing short of the most vigorous legal representation will suffice.

At Ekblom & Partners, our lawyers have extensive experience in the healthcare field and bring a strong record of success to advising and representing our clients. We represent medical providers in a variety of transactional and litigation matters. Our clients include medical centers, ambulatory surgery centers, physician groups, and surgeons, with a particular emphasis on surgical specialties including neurosurgery, heart surgery, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, plastics, and head and neck surgery.

If you are a healthcare provider or are considering starting a healthcare business or medical practice, you need specialized legal advice in order to comply with the ever-changing legal and regulatory environment that governs the healthcare industry.

Ekblom & Partners has extensive experience in the healthcare field and brings a unique knowledge base and expertise that will help you meet legal challenges.

Transactional and Litigation Advice for Medical Professionals

Our lawyers work with medical professionals every day. We understand the unique pressures healthcare providers face, and the complex legal and regulatory landscape that governs the modern practice of medicine. From negotiating and drafting professional service agreements and other contracts to employment-related litigation, the attorneys at Ekblom & Partners understand the issues that will affect your success as well as an individual provider’s personal and professional life.

Led by Founder and partner Neil H. Ekblom, we offer practical advice and legal counsel on matters such as:

  • Employment agreements
  • Billing and collection agreements
  • Operating agreements
  • Compliance plans
  • Consulting agreements
  • Non-compete, nondisclosure, and confidentiality agreements
  • Severance agreements
  • Notice of termination
  • Certification of needs
  • Occupational health and safety matters (OSHA)

We also defend employers in employment-related litigation.

Employment Contracts and Transactions

Our lawyers have extensive experience negotiating and preparing the contracts that allow a healthcare practice to succeed. This includes employment contracts, partnership and shareholder agreements, and purchase and sales agreements, as well as operating agreements, consulting agreements, and service agreements.

Our lawyers ensure that employment agreements comply with state and federal laws, regulatory and licensing requirements, and other professional regulations.

Employment Litigation

We also represent healthcare providers and medical professionals in employment litigation and other legal disputes. Our lawyers have extensive experience litigating a variety of claims, including employment matters, regulatory and compliance issues, and transactional and corporate disputes.

Whether the claim involves an employment contract, a health and safety violation, or a breach of federal or state regulations such as HIPAA or HITECH, our lawyers provide advice and aggressive legal representation to bring the dispute to a successful resolution.

Ekblom & Partners: Legal Advice and Representation for Healthcare Providers

The healthcare industry is highly complex and heavily regulated. Ekblom & Partners advises and represents healthcare providers in employment-related contract and transactional matters and litigation. Contact us to see if your situation matches our expertise.